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G. Inglese is an Italian brand, which was founded by Giovanni Inglese in 1955. Nowadays it’s managed by his son Angelo Inglese. The company is based in Puglia. G. Inglese specialises in handmade shirts. All of them are manufactured in Italy. They feature single-needle stitching, gussets, thin mother-of-pearl buttons (thickness – 2 mm.; handsewn, crow foot stitching; shanked; sometimes with defects on the reverse side). Sleeves are sewn on at the end of the manufacturing process. There are fused and non-fused collars (usually with removable collar stays). Stitch density: 5-8 stitches per 1 cm.

G Inglese logo

The number of hand passages varies; the most expensive G. Inglese shirts feature 23 hand passages: hand-attached collar, handrolled hem, handsewn buttons, armholes, buttonholes, gussets, placket, cuffs, sleeves for collar stays, bar tacks (sometimes there are three bar tacks on each gusset!), pick stitching by hand (shoulders, yoke, sleeve plackets, collar band). Fabrics are cut by hand; shirts are pressed by hand.

G Inglese shirt - button

G.Inglese shirt – handsewn mother-of-pearl button.

G Inglese shirt

Handsewn gusset with three handsewn bar tacks.

G.Inglese uses 100% cotton, cotton + linen and 100% linen fabrics from Alumo, Monti, Grandi & Rubinelli, Tessilmaglia, Carlo Riva, Soktas. 2-ply fabrics (often), extra-long staple cotton (often), Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (often). Yarn numbers: up to 300/2. Weaves: zephyr, end-on-end, marcella, pique, poplin, twill, oxford. Solid colours, various checks and stripes. Colours and shades: blue, white, navy, pink, lilac, grey, green, cream, burgundy, brown. Collar shapes: spread, medium-spread, button-down, cutaway. Button cuffs (usually rounded; rarely mitred); very rarely – French cuffs. Sizes: 37 – 45 cm. (= 14.5 – 18 cm). Slim fit (not extra slim). Sleeves are sometimes very long.

G. Inglese shirt - linen fabric

G. Inglese linen shirt, fabric by Grandi & Rubinelli.

You can buy G. Inglese shirts at NoManWalksAlone.com, Beige-Habilleur.com, ExquisiteTrimmings.com, Store.Inzerillo.it. Prices start at 265 EUR (incl. VAT) or 210 GBP (incl. VAT) or 235 USD (no VAT). Sometimes G.Inglese shirts are available on sales (discounts up to 50-60%; NoManWalksAlone.com – up to 25%). Bespoke service is available, contact G. Inglese for more details.

G.Inglese shirt fragment

Sleeve placket and bar tack.

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