Grandi & Rubinelli fabrics

Grandi & Rubinelli is an Italian producer of fine shirtings founded in 1992 by Remo Grandi and Ubaldo Rubinelli. It’s based near Novara (Piedmont). Alexander Kabbaz mentions Grandi & Rubinelli among the best makers of shirtings (though he puts Alumo in first place). Grandi and Rubinelli offer nice linen and cotton fabrics (sometimes woven of certified Sea Island cotton or extra-long staple Egyptian cotton Giza 45, spun in Switzerland). Besides, Grandi & Rubinelli makes cotton+cashmere, cotton+linen and cotton+vicuna shirtings (vicuna wool comes from Peru). Most Grandi & Rubinelli fabrics are 2-ply (2×2, sometimes 2×1). Yarn numbers (cotton fabrics): from 60 up to 200. Weaves: poplin, twill, herringbone, pinpoint oxford, piquet.

Grandi and Rubinelli logo

All Grandi & Rubinelli shirtings are woven in Italy, and they comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. They are used by G.Inglese, Proper Cloth, Luxire, Arthur Montreal, Luca Faloni, Lanieri and other manufacturers of high-end shirts.

Grandi & Rubinelli shirting. 100% linen.

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