Alumo fabrics

Alumo is a Swiss mill based in Appenzell. It produces the highest quality shirtings (according to Alexander Kabbaz, the best ones in the world – though not all shirtmakers agree with this opinion). The range of Alumo fabrics is quite extensive, but the mill offers only genuine 2-ply (2*2) and 3-ply fabrics. Their yarn numbers vary from 100’s up to 240’s. The range consists of 100% cotton shirtings (popeline, twill, voile, plisse, oxford, zephir, batist), cotton+cashmere fabrics (Cashmerello) and cotton+wool fabrics (Lanella). 3-ply cotton shirting was named Salvatore Triplo.

Alumo logo

It worth mentioning that Alumo uses high quality extra-long staple Egyptian cotton (usually Giza 45) as well as (very rarely) genuine Sea Island cotton. As a result, Alumo shirtings are very comfortable to wear, durable and silky (though it depends on yarn numbers too, of course). Besides, all Alumo fabrics comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and made in Switzerland.

Alumo shirtings are rarely used by ready-to-wear brands, but Emma Willis, Budd, Robert Old and several other companies offer RTW shirts and some other items made of these shirtings.

Alumo fabric

Emma Willis boxers made of Alumo fabric.

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