Carlo Riva fabrics

Carlo Riva is a brand of shirtings, which belongs to Fermo Fossati 1871 Srl (it’s an Italian company, which is based in Como). Carlo Riva fabrics are woven on old slow looms; these fabrics are much more narrow than fabrics produced on modern looms (75-90 cm. vs 150 cm). The company uses extra-long staple cotton from Egypt. Carlo Riva fabrics usually have a very nice feel… and they’re considered one of the best shirtings in the world. The brand offers 100% cotton (2-ply) and cotton + linen shirtings.

Carlo Riva fabrics are used by Anna Matuozzo, Fray, Isaia, Kiton, Mimmo Siviglia, Philippe Perzi, Sam Hober and several other hi-end manufacturers. All Carlo Riva fabrics are manufactured in Italy. They are very expensive.

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