Cesare Attolini shirts

Cesare Attolini is a Neapoitan brand, which was established by Cesare Attolini in 1987. Cesare Attolini shirts are produced in Italy. They feature moderately thick mother-of-pearl buttons (flawless, 3 mm. thickness, shanked), neat single-needle stitching (about 7-8 stitches per 1 cm.), gussets, fused collars, removable collar stays. Sleeves are sewn on at the end of the manufacturing process. Yokes are non-split. Cesare Attolini shirts are handmade; they usually feature hand-attached collar, handsewn armholes, buttons, gussets, buttonholes, plackets, bar tacks (travetti), yoke and – sometimes – cuffs (+ sometimes / rarely – handrolled hem). The quality of hand-stitching varies from one shirt to another. The brand uses very nice cotton fabrics (they are made of extra-long staple cotton).

Cesare Attolini brand

Cesare Attolini shirts are offered in classic solid colours, checks and stripes. Colours and shades: light blue, white, blue, grey, pink, turquoise, green, lilac, black, red, brown. Weaves: end-on-end, poplin, jersey, pique. Collars are often big and wide; usually spread or semi-spread, sometimes cutaway and button-down. Barrel cuffs with rounded corners. Sizes: 14 – 17 ¾ in. (= 36 – 45 cm). Not darted in most cases, but some exceptions exist. At least some Cesare Attolini shirts fit large to size, so in case of any doubts I would recommend to size down.

You can purchase Cesare Attolini shirts at CesareAttolini.com, Pauw.com, Boulesse.com, Sobs-shop.com, ShopTheFinest.com. Prices start at 245 EUR (excl. VAT; ShopTheFinest.com – 199 USD, no VAT). Sometimes these shirts are put on sales (up to 50% off).

Cesare Attolini buttonhole

Handsewn buttonhole.

Cesare Attolini shirt fragment

Pick-stitching (done by hand).

Cesare Attolini shirt armhole

Handsewn armhole.

Removable collar stays.

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