Travetti (bar tacks)

А bar tack (or travetto in Italian) is a series of dense stitches which is used to reinforce some areas of a shirt that are subject to stress. Neapolitan brands make hand-stitched bar tacks on long shirt plackets and sleeve plackets. They can look nice, but it must be noted that very good high quality shirts often do not feature them.

travetti (bar tacks on shirts)

Bar tack (travetto).

Some brands that offer shirts with hand-stitched bar tacks: Alessandro Gherardi, Anna Matuozzo, Barba, Cesare Attolini, Donnanna, Errico Formicola, Finamore (not always, but very often), Isaia, Kiton, Lino Sentiero, Luciano Lombardi, Luigi Borrelli (not always), Maria Santangelo (except 2.0 line), Sartoria Partenopea, Truzzi, Vincenzo di Ruggiero.

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