Van Laack shirts

Van Laack is a German company, which was founded by Heinrich van Laack in 1881. Van Laack shirts are usually made in Vietnam. The brand uses 100% cotton, cotton + linen and 100% linen fabrics – often 2-ply ones; woven in Italy and Switzerland at least sometimes. There are ‘Perfect Look’ shirts which are made of natural easy care fabrics (they’re produced without the use of chemicals). All van Laack shirts have gussets; yokes are non-split; side seams are single-needle stitched (made-to-measure shirts: 8 stitches per 1 cm).

van Laack shirts

Royal line shirts have thin troca or MOP buttons with spots on their reverse sides. Meisterwerk line shirts are equipped with thicker buttons which are made of high quality mother-of-pearl. All buttons are shanked. There is no hand stitching on van Laack Royal line shirts, but Meisterwerk line shirts feature hand stitched gussets, shoulders, armholes and (at least sometimes) buttonholes. Sleeves are sewn on as usual (Royal line) or at the end of the manufacturing process (Meisterwerk line). Some van Laack shirts have chest pockets (one or two).

Van Laack offers lots of solid colour shirts, but striped and checked shirts are available as well. Besides, van Laack sells shirts with fancy patterns. Colours and shades: lilac, pink, light blue, mid blue, navy, white, lavender, red, black, etc. Weaves: twill, oxford, poplin. Cuffs: buttoned (rounded, mitred), French. Collars: spread, medium-spread, cutaway, button-down, wing. Sometimes collars are fused, sometimes non-fused. Sizes: 14.5 – 18 in. (= 37 – 46 cm). Slim fit, tailor fit, comfort fit. There are shirts with short and long sleeves.

You can purchase van Laack shirts at,,, Prices start at 119.95 EUR (incl. VAT, Royal line) and 179.95 EUR (incl. VAT, Meisterwerk line). Sometimes van Laack shirts are put on sales (up to 50% off).

Made-to-measure service is available in van Laack boutiques. You will have approximately 400 fabrics to choose from. MTM shirts will be ready in about 2 weeks.

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