T.M. Lewin shirts

T.M. Lewin is an English menswear brand established by Mr. Thomas Mayes Lewin in 1898. T.M. Lewin shirts are made in Asia (for example, in Vietnam). They feature plastic buttons (not shanked), twin-needle stitching, split yokes (cut not on the bias), non-fused collars (but not the best ones in terms of construction), removable collar stays. No hand-stitching, no gussets. Sleeves are sewn on as usual. T.M.Lewin uses 100% cotton and cotton+lycra fabrics (usually 2-ply fabrics; often with an easy iron finish). Some shirts are made of 100% Egyptian cotton (not the best one, of course).

T.M.Lewin shirts

T.M.Lewin shirts are offered in various classic patterns and solid colours. Weaves: poplin, twill, oxford, pinpoint, marcella, jacquard, dobby. Colours: cream, white, light blue, blue, navy, pink, burgundy, grey, purple, green, orange, etc. Patterns: stripes, checks (tattersall, gingham, plaid, multi check, micro check, etc), dots, small prints (diamonds, circles, stars, etc). Button (rounded, mitred) and French cuffs. Collar shapes: Kent, wing, semi-spread, spread, cutaway, button-down, tunic (band). Sizes: 14 – 20 in. (= 36 – 51 cm). Sleeves: 33 – 38. Regular, slim, fitted, super fitted fits. Short and long sleeves.

You can purchase T.M. Lewin shirts at TMLewin.co.uk, Houseoffraser.co.uk, Edgars.co.za. Prices start at 34.95 GBP (incl. VAT). T.M.Lewin often runs promotions (discounts up to 45%).

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