Hilditch & Key shirts

Hilditch & Key is an English brand established by Charles F. Hilditch and W. Graham Key in 1899. It’s famous for its high quality shirts. Hilditch & Key shirts are manufactured in Scotland. They feature thin mother-of-pearl buttons, gussets, non-fused collars with removable collar stays, split yokes (cut not on the bias), single-needle stitching. Sleeves are sewn on as usual. There is no hand-stitching. The brand uses high quality 2-ply fabrics (100% cotton, sometimes 100% linen, linen+cotton and cotton+wool). Weaves: poplin, twill, herringbone, oxford, royal oxford end-on-end. Sea Island Quality line: probably extra-long staple Egyptian cotton; definitely not certified Sea Island.

Hilditch and Key shirts

Hilditch & Key shirts are available in classic patterns and solid colours. Checks: tattersall, gingham, shepherds check, overcheck, dot check, windowpane, Prince of Wales; houndstooth; bengal stripes and other types of stripes. Shades and colours: white, lilac, turquoise, charcoal, green, ecru, grey, brown, black, pink, cream, light blue, navy, purple, wine, red, etc. Good pattern matching (but not perfect + you can meet an exception). Collar shapes: semi-spread, button-down, cutaway. Barrel and French cuffs. Sizes: 14.5 – 18 in. (= 37 – 45.5 cm). Classic fit, contemporary fit (not very slim).

You can purchase Hilditch & Key shirt at Hilditchandkey.co.uk, Bloomingdales.com or in Hilditch & Key stores (London: 73 Jermyn street; Paris: 252 Rue de Rivolin). Prices start at 135 GBP (incl. VAT). Hilditch & Key puts its shirts on sales twice a year (discounts up to 50%). Bespoke service is available in London store. Bespoke shirts: from 225 GBP (incl. VAT). Minimum order: 4 shirts.

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