Etro shirts

Etro is an Italian designer label, which was founded by Gerolamo (Gimmo) Etro in 1968. Etro shirts are manufactured in Italy. They are equipped with removable collar stays and plastic buttons (with engraved logos; sewn on by machines, without shanks). No gussets, no hand-stitching. Side seams are double-needle stitched (appr. 6-8 stitches per 1 cm). Sleeves are sewn on as usual. Collars are usually fused. Yokes are non-split. The brand uses 100% cotton and 100% linen fabrics.

Etro logo

Etro offers a lot of shirts with bright and bold patterns (paisley, floral and abstract motifs) – often unique ones. Besides, Etro sells solid colour, striped and checked shirts. Patterns are usually mismatched (if we are talking about sleeve-shoulder line, for example). Weaves: jacquard, poplin. Sizes: 37 – 46 cm. (= 14.5 – 18 in). Casual shirts: S – 3XL. Collars: camp, grandad, spread, semi-spread. Buttoned cuffs (mitred, rounded). Slim fit (usually not very slim), sometimes regular fit. Short and long sleeves. Rounded hem.

You can purchase Etro shirts at,,,, Prices start at 200 EUR (incl. VAT). In my opinion, the price-quality ratio is unattractive. Etro shirts are put on sales twice a year (discounts up to 50%).

Etro button

Plastic button.

Etro shirt collar

Removable collar stays.

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