Sozzi and Sorley socks

Sozzi Calze Srl is an Italian company established in 1912 by Angelo and Antonio Sozzi. It’s based in Milan and produces socks and knitted ties. Sorley is a sock brand which belongs to Sozzi Calze Srl. Sozzi and Sorley socks are manufactured in Italy. They have hand-linked toes (maybe some exceptions exist). Some socks are mid-calf, but over-the-calf socks are available too. Sozzi and Sorley socks are made of 100% mercerised cotton or 85% merino wool + 15% nylon. Besides, the company offers cashmere blend socks. You can also find linen + elastane socks made by Sozzi.

Sozzi logo

Sozzi socks are available in a wide range of solid colours (brown, olive, black, grey, blue, burgundy, chocolate, lilac, navy). Besides, the company offers patterned socks (fair isle, houndstooth, argyle, polka dots, birdseye, checks). Sizes: S, M, L (or sometimes 10 – 13 / fit UK6 UK12). You can buy Sozzi socks at,,, Prices start at 29 USD (no VAT) or 14.9 EUR (excl. VAT), 9 EUR (Sorley socks). Sozzi socks are very rarely put on sales.

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