Over-the-calf socks

Unfortunately, nowadays most men socks are too short. They can destroy your look, because they usually slide down throughout the day, so a part of your hairy leg can be revealed. That’s why it’s better to buy over-the-calf socks (i.e. very long socks). It’s important to choose the right size; otherwise the socks won’t fit you well, and you will feel uncomfortable. High quality and correctly chosen over-the-calf socks should stay in place, and they should not restrict your blood circulation. I would recommend to try several brands, materials and weaves in order to identify ones that work best for you.

Here are some brands that offer over-the-calf socks: Berg & Berg, Bresciani, Corgi, Falke, Fort Belvedere, Gallo, Gammarelli, Marcoliani, Mazarin, Pantherella, Sozzi.

Over-the-calf socks = OTC socks.

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