Merino wool

Merino wool is harvested from Merino sheep breed. It can be very nice, fine and soft. Sometimes it’s transformed into very thin and delicate fabrics and garments, but you can find very thick Merino wool garments too. Australia is the largest producer of Merino wool, the second place is occupied by South Africa, the third and the fourth ones – by Argentina and New Zealand respectively.

Merino wool vest

This vest is made of fine merino wool.

Merino wool classification:

  • Ultra Fine – 11,5-15 micron in diameter;
  • Superfine – 15-18,5 micron;
  • Fine – 18,6-19,5 micron;
  • Medium – 19,6 – 22,9 micron;
  • Strong (broad) – 23-24,5 micron.

So-called merino wool socks are usually made of Merino wool blended with polyamide fibers for more strength and durabilty. Some producers use 15% of polyamide, others – 30%, 40% or even more. I would say that 15-20% is enough, and 40% (or more) is too much.

Merino socks

Merino wool socks.

Some brands that offer socks made of Merino wool: Berg & Berg, Bresciani, Brooks Brothers, Falke, Fort Belvedere, Gallo, Gammarelli, Marcoliani, Pantherella, Richard James, Sozzi.

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