Hanro boxers

Hanro is a Swiss underwear and nightwear brand. It was founded in 1884. Hanro boxer shorts are manufactured outside Switzerland (in Portugal, Bulgaria). They are made of 100% mercerised cotton (very rarely – genuine Sea Island cotton, sometimes – Egyptian cotton). Their back parts are usually made of two pieces of fabric, so there is a centre back seam; however, some boxer shorts feature single-piece bottom parts. Buttons are made of plastic; they are engraved with Hanro logo. All seams are flat (twin-needle stitched). Waistbands of Hanro boxer shorts are channeled.

Hanro logo

Hanro boxer briefs are made of 100% cotton or 92% cotton + 8% elastane or 90% cotton + 7% elastane + 3% polyamide or 88% cotton + 12% elastane. Hanro boxer briefs always have a single-piece bottom part. All seams are flat. No buttons.

Hanro boxers are available in solid colours (white, blue, claret, grey, black), but you can find patterned Hanro boxers too (patterns: checks, dots, stripes, fancy patterns). Weaves/knits: poplin, jacquard, jersey. Unfortunately, Hanro boxers often feature external branding. Sizes: S – XXL. You can buy Hanro boxers at Hanro.com, MrPorter.com, NeimanMarcus.com, Barneys.com. Prices start at 24.5 GBP (incl. VAT) or at 28.5 GBP pet 2 Pack (boxer briefs, incl. VAT). Sometimes Hanro boxers are available on sales (30-50% off).

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