Calabrese pocket squares

Calabrese is an Italian brand founded by Eugenio Calabrese in 1924. Calabrese pocket squares are made in Italy. They feature handrolled edges, but the size of these pocket squares is small: about 29*29 – 33*33 cm. (you can read more about perfect pocket square sizes here). The brand uses nice silk, linen and wool fabrics, but it must be noted that dyes do not penetrate deeply into the silk/wool.

Calabrese logo

Calabrese offers pocket squares with various patterns (including unique ones): paisley, polka dots, geometric, fancy and floral patterns. Colours and shades: red, blue, green, orange, purple, lilac, yellow, mustard, brown, beige, etc. You can purchase Calabrese pocket squares at, or (Russia only). Prices start at 40 EUR (incl. VAT). Sometimes (rarely) Calabrese pocket squares are put on sales (up to 30-40% off).

Calabrese pocket square Calabrese pocket square (100% wool).

red pocket square by Calabrese

Calabrese pocket square (edges).

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