Pocket squares: in search of the best size

What is the right size for a pocket square? It depends on fabrics and breast pockets. If we are talking about silk pocket squares, I would recommend to choose a large square – 40*40 cm. or even a bit larger (up to 45*45 cm). Linen and wool pocket squares should be smaller – around 36*36 – 38*38 cm. (though sometimes 32*32 cm. is OK too – and if the breast pocket is small, it can be the best size). Cotton pocket squares can be 42*42 cm., if they’re made of a very thin fabric. Otherwise they should be smaller… but anyway, it depends on size of your breast pockets too, because their measurements vary – and sometimes significantly vary. Therefore there’s no such thing as a pocket square which perfectly fits all breast pockets in the world.

If a pocket square is too small, then it will slowly disapper in the pocket over the course of a few hours (or it won’t retained the desired position when folded). If a pocket square is too big, the pocket will look too bulky. Nowadays most pocket squares are too small because producers try to cut costs. However, sometimes you can find too big squares too (they’re usually made of linen or/and cotton).

Some brands that offer rightly sized pocket squares: Berg & Berg (not always!), Boglioli, Charvet, Drake’s, Duchamp (not always), Dunhill, Etro, Fort Belvedere, Kent Wang (not always), Lanvin (rarely), Polo Ralph Lauren (but not always), Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Richard James, Rubinacci, Simonnot-Godard (not always), Tom Ford, Turnbull & Asser.

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