Paul Smith pocket squares

Paul Smith is a designer brand, which is based in England. It was founded by Paul Smith in 1976. Paul Smith pocket squares are made in Italy. Their edges are usually stitched by ordinary machines or machine-rolled; but sometimes they are handrolled. The size is not perfect; it varies from 31*31 to 35*35 cm. (you can learn more about perfect sizes here). The brand uses 100% cotton, cotton + silk and 100% silk fabrics (in my opinion, their quality is above average but not excellent).

Paul Smith logo

Paul Smith pocket squares are offered in lots of unique patterns (strawberry skulls, multicolour stripes, floral and fancy patterns, solid colour with signature striped edges, polka dots, textured stripes). Colours: pink, red, blue, beige, yellow, burgundy, etc. Solid colour pocket squares are available too (navy, burgundy). You can purchase Paul Smith pocket squares at,,,, Prices start at 33 GBP (excl. VAT). Paul Smith pocket squares are available on sales twice a year.

Paul Smith pocket square

Paul Smith pocket square. 100% cotton. Made in Italy.

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