Berg & Berg pocket squares

Berg & Berg is a Scandinavian brand founded by Karin and Mathias Berg in 2009. Its pocket squares are manufactured in Italy. They feature so-called machine-rolled edges. Berg & Berg pocket squares are made of silk, silk+cotton and linen fabrics (sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re OK). Some fabrics are woven by Thomas Mason in Italy. The brand offers solid colour squares (for example, white linen ones) as well as pocket squares with geometric and other patterns and white pocket squares with contrast colour edges. The colour palette is quite wide.

Berg & Berg pocket squaresBerg & Berg pocket squares are available in two sizes: 42*42 cm. and 33*33 cm. (learn more about choosing the perfect size of pocket squares here). These pocket squares are sold only by They cost 32-40 USD (excl. VAT). You can find these pocket squares on sale twice a year (up to 50% off).

Berg and Berg pocket square

Berg & Berg pocket square. 100% silk, machine-rolled edges.

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