David & John Anderson fabrics

David & John Anderson (DJA) was a Scottish brand; now it belongs to Albini Group, Italy. The firm was founded by David Anderson and Alexander Lawrie in 1822; John Anderson joined the company in 1841 (when Alexander Lawrie left the business). Albini Group bought the brand in 1992. Nowadays David & John Anderson shirtings are produced in Italy (they used to be manufactured in Great Britain).

David and John Anderson logo

The brand offers high quality 2-ply (2×2; sometimes 3-ply, 3×3) fabrics woven of 100% extra-long staple cotton (often Egyptian Giza 45, sometimes genuine Sea Island). Linen fabrics are also available (they are 1-ply; the label uses French linen from Normandy). Yarn numbers: 100/2 – 330/3. Weaves: poplin, twill, oxford, Royal oxford, end-on-end, pique, zephyr, dobby. There are lots of classic patterns and colours (various checks and stripes; various shades of blue, lilac, lavender, white, etc). All David & John Anderson shirting have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

David & John Anderson fabrics are used by Anna Matuozzo, Bagutta (very rarely), Guglielminotti, Kabbaz-Kelly, Margutti, Neronote and some other shirtmakers.

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