Cariaggi wool and cashmere

Cariaggi is an Italian company, which specializes in wool and cashmere yarns production. It was founded in 1958 by Aurelio Cariaggi. The range of the firm includes 2-ply cashmere yarns (2/28 – 2/80, woollen and worsted), baby cashmere (2/36 – 2/60, woollen and worsted), vicuna (2/28 – 2/60, woollen and worsted), vicuna + silk, cashmere + silk, extrafine superior merino wool yarns, New Zealand (Zque) merino yarns, merino wool + silk + cashmere, linen + cashmere + silk, cotton + cashmere, Belize cotton + silk (2/120), etc.

Cariaggi yarns

All Cariaggi products are made in Italy; they comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Besides, Cariaggi has ISO 14001 certification. Yarns from Systema Natvrae collection are dyed with natural colourings obtained from flowers, leaves, herbs, roots and berries.

Cariaggi cashmere is used by Bresciani, Luca Faloni, Mazarin, Merola and some other manufacturers of fine clothing and accessories.

Cariaggi cashmere

Merola gloves with Cariaggi cashmere lining.

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