S.I.C. Tess fabrics

S.I.C. Tess is an Italian mill established in 1924. Nowadays it belongs to Gruppo Tessile Monti. S.I.C. Tess fabrics are woven in italy. The mill uses long and extra-long staple cotton (including Giza 45), cashmere, linen, linen + cotton, 15% cashmere + 85% cotton (Cashpima line). All cotton fabrics are two-ply.

S.I.C. Tess logo

Yarn numbers: 120 – 300. All S.I.C. Tess fabrics comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Weaves: zephyr, poplin, panama, voile, twill, oxford, jacquard. Solid colours, classic patterns (checks, stripes), abstract and floral patterns. Ready-made collection: 750 shirtings.

S.I.C. Tess shirtings are used by Harridge, Luxire, Herman Bros & Co., Ascot Chang, MesAmis and several other brands of shirts.

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