Acorn fabrics

Acorn is an English company founded in 1975. It offers a wide range of shirtings. Some Acorn shirtings are produced in England. Width: 90 cm., 150 cm. There are 1-ly and 2-ply fabrics (2×2 as well as 2×1). Yarn numbers: 24 – 200. The quality of Acorn fabrics varies (for example, look at this post).

Acorn fabrics logo

Weaves: twill (incl. herringbone), oxford (incl. pinpoint, Royal oxford), poplin, panama, voile, batiste, end-on-end, dobby, pique. Materials: cotton (sometimes Egyptian cotton, but Acorn tells nothing about its characteristics), bamboo, linen, cotton+wool. Patterns: checks (tattersall, tartan, etc), stripes, solids, floral and abstract patterns.

It must be added that Acorn sells its fabrics directly to individuals via its website. Besides, Acorn fabrics are widely used by English bespoke shirtmakers (for example, Budd).

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